Targeted, effective measures for successful brands.

In a competitive and regulated market environment, such as the healthcare market, consistent brand management is the basis for the long-term and successful establishment and expansion of brands.

The instrument with the strongest leverage for sustainable market success is the development of a positioning strategy and, based on this, a communication strategy. These are the basis for successfully withdraw a company from a crisis, replaceability and price competition and to increase the company’s demand, find niches for specialisations, and thus support the company to become a successful brand.

The overarching positioning and communication strategy is differentiated according to the in-depth analysis as well as the interest, need and bottleneck of the respective stakeholder. In this way, sales-supporting marketing measures can be derived with a focal point on target groups and needs.

Key-topic „Healthcare Industry Chat Room“

The positioning of an innovative drug in the „Healthcare Industry Chat Room“ influences in particular the acceptance of political decision-makers who make a decision on its additional benefit in the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA).

From a marketing point of view, this requires a politically adept positioning and communication strategy for the product.

Janine Müller – purposeful in the result

The outcome: A consistent and effective mix of measures with new ideas and innovative solutions. This ensures sustainable, measurable success in the establishment and expansion of healthcare companies and medical products and services.